Coaching, individualized training stress and recovery management for all levels of endurance athletes and those looking to become strong and fit.


“I worked with John for almost a decade and loved every minute of it. I initially reached out to him when I was looking to take my running and marathoning goals to the next level and was extremely pleased with the results. Working with John was seamless; as an elite endurance athlete, he naturally understands the mental and physical challenges that athletes are likely to face and is always game to strategize an approach to push through. The training plans that John developed were extremely clear, consistent and even fun and translated into success in my races at a level I never imagined possible. He is extremely accessible and responsive and it feels like he is right by your side encouraging you to succeed when you are doing workouts and racing. My favorite post race ritual was debriefing with John and feeling his excitement. It was extremely motivating. I can’t say enough good things about being coached by John!“
     - Christine Hein

“I have coached with John for nearly 5 years. I started out near the end of the pack for Ironman racing and ended up qualifying for the 70.3 world championship in less than a year. I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for his incredible coaching skills. It goes far beyond just what exercises to do, he will focus on recovery, nutrition, pacing, intensity, muscle intensity and mental strength. When I wanted to switch from snowboarding to skiing the first person I called was John. In just one year I went from skiing greens to skiing backcountry terrain. John’s incredible knowledge of backcountry, uphill, mogul and alpine skiing exceeds anyone’s expectations. He brings easy to understand concepts and training regimes to any level athlete. And besides being an incredible coach he is an incredible human being. If you get the opportunity to be one on one with John don’t miss out.”
     - Adam Hergenrother

“Thank you John Spinney for cobbling together a training plan for me to pull it all together. You are a brilliant, wholistic triathlon coach.”
     - Dawn English after Ironman Hawaii

"John has been coaching me for 4 years and the results have been remarkable   My best Ironman 70.3 before John was 35th in my Age Group.  But now I’m top 10 and have qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2 years in a row.  I’m also having a ton of fun.  John is truly a Superstar Coach - his knowledge and advice are amazing.  I’m 62 years old and I fully expect my progress to continue.  As I always tell him - we are just getting this party started!"
Dave Yurkovic - San Francisco, California


"John will have you dialed in every way!  I began a formal coaching relationship with John after working with a few other coaches.  I had experienced some success as an age group triathlete but wanted to see if I could take things to the next level.  My athletic background was not related to the endurance sports world and I did not swim, bike or run competitively in my youth.  John immediately assessed where I was, implemented a few key changes to my training and almost immediately I saw improvement.  His guidance went way beyond just building a training schedule, it involved input on diet, sleep, recovery, mental preparation, etc.  After about a year of working together we saw significant improvement across the board and I was consistently finishing on the overall amateur podium in key races.  As such we set our sights a little higher to see if I could earn a professional card as a triathlete.  In short order that mission was accomplished (albeit a back of the pack professional).  John made things easy for me - all I had to do was put in the work and execute the plan.  Throughout the process John became a lifelong friend and I have referred many athletes his way who were looking to get things dialed."
     - Jason Frank

"I hired John this year as I trained for my first full-length Ironman. I had a depth of experience in Ultra-Running, but never with an organized plan. John was able to help guide me towards a more consistent training plan with targeted and focused workouts that led me to some excellent results.

What Spinney says, goes' has been a common phrase between me and my Fiancé this year. It became really clear to me after about a month of working with John, that his approach was calculated, specific, and highly intentional. I knew he had a plan and could see the bigger picture past the day-to-day grind of Ironman training. John was able to set me up for success in my first Ironman with everything from working on my bike fit, determining my heart rate zones, and giving me Bombproof race day plans. He went out of his way to follow through on connecting with me prior to an international race. He expertly processed and broke down my race execution so that I could learn from smaller races and hone in on my growth points. John was pivotal, completely necessary for my success breaking 10 hours in my first Ironman and qualifying for 70.3 World Championships this year."
     - Lance Parker