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Mountain Mettle

1 to 1 Coaching / Triathlon

1 to 1 Coaching / Triathlon

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Full 1 to 1 Triathlon Coaching (includes ongoing HRV oversight). Periodized training that is reactive to the athlete’s own ability to handle training stress.

Triathlon Disciplines:

  • Sprint Distance
  • Olympic Distance
  • Half Iron Distance
  • Full Iron Distance

Note: Actual HRV tracking software is up to the athlete and not included in the coaching fee.


Communication with your Coach John Spinney via email, text, and phone as reasonably needed. You can expect a pre-race call and a post-race debrief call. Pre-race calls typically focus on race day execution skills like pacing, tactics, fueling, hydration, technique, mindset. Post-race* debrief calls focus on analysis and what items can be brought forth that teach us something about you that we then apply to your training. This style of coaching is an ongoing process of applying training stress, monitoring recovery, learning from training and racing, applying training stress…the cycle repeats itself with a
focus on continuous improvement and long-term progress.

*Note about skiing: For skiers
who are not competing, rather than use races as times where we analyze progress, we will use specific courses and climbs to assess progress and determine next steps. In other words it’s completely ok if you aren’t racing. Additionally, this type of training can help anyone get in shape for a backcountry
ski trip. 

Online training log (Training Peaks Premium Account included) to interact with your Coach and submit/track results.

Continuous support and access to your Coach throughout the season.

Testing & Analysis

Lactate Threshold and Aerobic Threshold testing upon startup
along with the creation of individually specific heart rate zones. This testing
process will inform the periodization model we will use. We also will check HR
zones against race data when we do the post-race analysis.

Specific targeting of muscular endurance limiters, and monitoring of progress
throughout the season to ensure long term progress.

Training Peaks

Training Peaks Premium account included to interact with your Coach and submit/track results.


Recurring monthly subscriptions are billed every month. Cancel at anytime.

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Coach John Spinney

Get access to a detail oriented high performance coach who has 30+ years of endurance sports racing across cycling, running, triathlon and skiing. Mountain Mettle is for any level of athlete. Read More.

  • What Makes My Approach Different?

    "Massive emphasis on muscular endurance at 2 key aerobic intensities and sport specific strength training. Couple that with monitoring of HRV for maximum adaptations via ideal timing of recovery."


    In a nutshell... the "fluff" is gone. I’ve had a long time to observe what works and what doesn’t. Our time is precious - let’s use it wisely- doing what works. Read More.

  • The "Junction"

    The junction is training at a specific intensity while simultaneously having high muscle tension. Think hiking or running up a steep incline, or biking uphill. When done at the right intensity and done consistently  (and balanced with mobility work) the result is superior muscular endurance. The kind of fitness that lets you float uphill with ease.

    We will spend a great deal of time training at the “Junction” - making adaptations that get to the heart of what creates successful endurance athletes.