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Mountain Mettle

Remote Bike Fit

Remote Bike Fit

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This service requires the video to be shot a specific way. Please reach out to coach John if you are interested in this option. I have done over 50 successful bike fits. *This service is included for 1 to 1 coached athletes.
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Coach John Spinney

Get access to a detail oriented high performance coach who has 30+ years of endurance sports racing across cycling, running, triathlon and skiing. Mountain Mettle is for any level of athlete. Read More.

  • What Makes My Approach Different?

    "Massive emphasis on muscular endurance at 2 key aerobic intensities and sport specific strength training. Couple that with monitoring of HRV for maximum adaptations via ideal timing of recovery."


    In a nutshell... the "fluff" is gone. I’ve had a long time to observe what works and what doesn’t. Our time is precious - let’s use it wisely- doing what works. Read More.

  • The "Junction"

    The junction is training at a specific intensity while simultaneously having high muscle tension. Think hiking or running up a steep incline, or biking uphill. When done at the right intensity and done consistently  (and balanced with mobility work) the result is superior muscular endurance. The kind of fitness that lets you float uphill with ease.

    We will spend a great deal of time training at the “Junction” - making adaptations that get to the heart of what creates successful endurance athletes.